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We are sure that the first things that come to your mind is chaos, endless cleaning, conflicts with the repairmen, lost time… and goodbye to the comfort of the home for an unknown period of time. We will give you totally different idea of the word REPAIR.


We know that your time is valuable and therefore we created for you a full package of different finishing works for apartments and houses . There is no longer need of looking for companies for every reconstruction of your home and complete home renovations, wasting time, supervising repairmen and fighting with them to make them complete your requirements, to clean up everything after they leave… We'll take care of all this and will easily fulfill all your wishes and requirements.

We know that people who have properties abroad needs help maintain them thru the summer and winter periods and especially for the period of absence.

We work with the best specialists in different fields and we will do all the technical supervision of their work.

Preview all the services that we can provide to be helpfulin order of fixing damaged property:

–          Repainting entire property

–          Repairing old tiles or damaged ones

–          Repairing kitchens

–          Removing moisture

–          Repairing plaster boards,

–          Demolishing walls

–          Building walls

–          Installing internal  isolation

We provide the following installation services:

–          Installation of underfloor heating systems

–          Design and construction of electrical and other installations

–          Installation of suspended and streched ceilings

–          Professional installation of faience, terracotta, granite tiles, tiling

–          Construction and repair of plumbing systems, installation of bathtubs, shower cubicles, glass partitions, sanitary ceramics and other bathroom equipment

–          Installation of flooring – carpet flooring, laminate, natural parquet

–          Design and implementation of custom solutions for professional painting walls, wallpaper and decorative plaster laying, plasterboard installation for walls and ceilings

–          Interior Textile – selection of appropriate interior textiles, curtains, fabrics and others

–          In case you need the following services we first observe the property and consult regarding prices, terms and conditions the work will be done


In case you need the listed above services we first observe the property and consult regarding prices, terms and conditions of the work


Cleaning and removal of work waste

Technical supervision of installation and repair work

We take care that all repairs be carried out with quality and within the time limits as we control every phase of the home renovation process.


The client requirements and desires are the most important thing for us and therefore everything we do is in coordination with them.


Every interior design project, individual projects furniture or package of repair works are made special for you. The different orders have different prices according to the specifics of the conditions and to the specifics of the project itself.





Electrical and other installations


We work with products with proven high quality and beautiful designs. Among them you will find the latest solutions for lighting, audio and video systems, Internet, telephone, security systems, Remote control appliances,


Suspended and tightened ceilings


With their elasticity, functionality and hygiene, stretched ceilings outperform all other ceiling systems. We work straight with the company who is the main supplier for Bulgaria.  Using them we can create attractive ceilings curved in three projections. They are an optimal way to create a stylish interior with the lowest cost.


Example: suspended ceiling in three levels with discreet lighting and moon-type lighting.


Faience and terracotta


We work with suppliers of standard series of faience and terracotta tiles of an average price range as well as with suppliers of the most modern and luxurious products of famous Italian factories for ceramics.


Natural stones in your home

We do decorative natural stones installed on the walls as well with gentle hidden lights. The lights can also be installed with remote control.


Wallpapers and painting of walls and ceilings


We work with standard brands of paint as well as with more luxurious – with unusual colors using which we can please all tastes and create unique interiors.


Example: walls in various colors that highlight the individuality of the interior;


Interior Textile


Here you can choose curtains, upholstery fabrics in classic and modern designs from over 50 collections and 6000 products from leading commercial manufacturers and trend-makers . All products have a certificate of quality and are suitable for homes as well as hotels, bars, restaurants and public buildings. We do choose from different labors depending on the client`s need.


Our specialists will provide consultation, elaboration of the interior project, manufacturing of the textiles in custom sizes, delivery and installation on location.


For some ideas of mixture between colors and natural products please see the shown products.