Buying a property in Bulgaria from Auction

Buying a property in Bulgaria from an Auction. 

We offer you different way to invest in a property. To take part in an auction and buy a property from bailiff is not as hard as people think it is. All you need is to find the right property you want and view it. With the cooperation from the bailiff you will not have a problem viewing the property.If you decide you are going to take part in the auction than you must fill aplicant form and register in the regional court as potential buyer that will take part in the auction. Before applying for the auction you must pay 10% from the selling price to the bank account of the bailiff. That account is official and the bailiff is separate institution than the court and the notaries. 

Once you have paid the 10% and done the aplicant form than you wait the date of the auction. On the auction you can be yourself or with representative that has powerof attorney. On the auction the bailiff gives chance to highest bit to buy or if there is anybody who wants to pay more to rise the price with another 10%. If you don`t win the auction you don`t loose money and they will be returned within 3 weeks into your bank account. If you win the auction than within 7 days you must pay the rest of the amount. 

After the auction is done and you have paid the entire amount the bailiff must provide official document that certifeis you are the new owner. The final action from the bailiff is officially to enter you as new owner into the property. 

Bare in mind that as new owner you must pay 3% from the purchasing price to the municipality. Those money are owed maximum 2 months after the purchase. 

Buying a property tru auction has its benefits- lower prices and better investment opportunities. Also when you are buying a property tru auction you are not obliged to pay the taxes, expenses, costs, fees to last owner. According to the law you buy the property absolutely on 100% clear of any old bills. 

For more information please book a meeting with us and we shall explain you in further details the entire process. 

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