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 Services we at  BG Home offer to you:


For more than 10 years we have provided our customers security, professionalism and responses to their needs. We are constantly developing and following the changes of the market. We are here to help you too.



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Everything in connection with the Real Estate that is interesting for the buyer:


- Consultation on the laws relatedwith the purchase of real estate


- Consultation on visa and residence of foreigners in the country


- Consultation regarding the after buying process of a property


- Consultation on the prices and the property market in any region along the coast of Bulgaria


- Preparation and review of preliminary agreements and deeds


- Assistance for checking and signing  contracts  with the maintenance companies


- Assistance regarding purchassinga car


- All kinds of Insurances


- Assistance with opening and closing bank accounts


- Assistance regarding the selection of furniture, design , installation


- Assistance with connection of  cable TV and internet


- Renovation of the property


- Cleaning and laundry


- Package including paying all the taxes and annual fees.


- Assistance for the purchase of property by public auctions


- Representation before the private and public enforcement/bailiffs/




Everything in connection with the Real Estate that is interesting for the vendor:


- Assistance into the entire sales process


- Preparation of all necessary documents for the sale required by law


- Full assistance regarding the sales of a property that is with mortgage or any other debts


- Implementation of a dialogue between the seller and banks


- Representation of the seller in front of private and public enforcement/bailiffs/


- Representation of the seller in front of municipality administration and local taxoffices , electricity companies





Everything that the clients need in order to protect their property :


- Insurance of movable and immovable property


- Consultation regarding already happened insurance event


- Assistance in front of insurance companies after happened insurance events and claiming costs


- Assistance in connection with security




Everything that the clients need regarding refurbishment or renovation of a property:


- Assistance in the selection of furniture


- Assistance with internal design of the house or aparatemnt


- Assistance with installation of furniture and equipment


- Repairing and renovations


- Refreshing properties

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BG Home is the agency which is created for You, our Clients! Having long term experiences with legal services, real estates and their security in the face of our insurance partners, we at BG Home decided to provide you the services you need. The complexities of our tasks determine our success and give each client the needed reliability and composure. Our team is highly qualified and prepared to compete all tasks connected with a purchase,selling, maintenance, refurbishment and furnishing to a certain property. We build already 10 years the trust and we would like you to become part of our big family. Don`t hesitate and contact us in order to ask  all the questions you cannot find an answer to!