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Medical insurance is required from the Health law to each physical person who is not Bulgarian citizen and is passing thru the country or is going to stay for longer period of time according to the National laws. For the EU members the insurance is not required by the law but is necessary.

  The insurance is consistent to the actual Bulgarian laws.

  –          Territory of validity- Bulgaria

  –          Limit of the insurance sum- 60 000 LEVA / 30 000 EUR/



  Required documents: copy of the international passport 


Term of the insurance: From three days up to one year depending on the residence period of the foreigner:

–          The insurance contract who are residing in Bulgaria or are just passing transit thru the country cannot be signed for more than 90 days.

–          The insurance contract for foreigners who are having long term residence cannot be committed for more than one year.


Covered risks:

–          Expenses for medical assistance and transportation. Health problems caused by accident, viruses or germs. The insured person will be taken to hospital and the insurance company will pay for the stay and in case of surgery

–          Expenses for emergency hospital treatment

–          Expenses for emergency dental treatment

–          Death in case of accident

According to the Bulgarian law the insured person has the right to accept the insurance compensation personally. That right is inherited.  The insured person can choose freely the doctors and the hospitals in Bulgaria.

  Insurance Compensation

  The size of the compensation is 100% if the insured person can prove with documents the already done    expenses for doctors, hospitals, etc. but the sum cannot exclude the limit of 30 000 eur. In case of insurance  event the insurance person or the hospital must inform the insurance agency within 24h from the happened  event to the following SOS telephone number: 0700 111 50

  The insurance compensation is due to be paid up to 15 days only after the insured person has provided to the insurance company all needed documents in connection with the event as well and all receipts. The insurance compensation will be paid to the insured person only if he or she has paid into the hospital to the actual prices accepted from the directors of that medical center.