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If the time for you is money and you are seeking for full relaxation, security and protection of your car in every single moment, we recommend you to choose voluntary vehicle insurance. That insurance covers lots of risks in order to protect in the best possible way your vehicle.


Object of insuring:

Object of insuring are cars, trucks, buses, self-propelled, constructions, road construction and agricultural equipment, attached devices, trailers, semi-trailers, caravans etc. All vehicles must be designed for usage of asphalt traffic roads and to be registered in Bulgaria. Vehicles with foreign registration or transit registration plates are subject of special agreement. Also vehicles designed for special conditions and offroad depending on the type and engines are also subject of different special agreements.


Territorial validity of the insurance:

Vehicle insurance is having power in the territory of Bulgaria, all EU member countries, as well and all countries who have signed agreement – Green Card, situated on the territory of Europe. 


Covered Risks:

In accordance to your needs vehicle insurance  can cover all risks or part of them highlighted bellow:

Covered risks with the full vehicle insurance:

–          Direct damages on the vehicle caused by accident or in a parking

–          Damages caused from third person or from fallen objects

–          Burglary of the vehicle

–          Broken elements as result of burglary or stealing attempts

–          Vandalism and malicious acts of third parties

–          Fire and explosion ( damage caused by explosive devices )

–          Natural disasters – floods , lightning, torrential rain , storms , hurricanes , hail, landslides of earth layers , weight of snow or ice avalanches

–          Fractures and damages to the windows of the vehicle

–          Burglary of additional installed  audio system

–          Other risks covered by the insurance contract (ex . transportation costs , etc.).


Covered risks with the chosen vehicle insurance:

–          Stealing or robbery of the entire vehicle

–          Any damage in case of robbery or attempted burglary

–          Vandalism and malicious acts of third parties

–          Fire and explosion (damage caused by explosive devices )

–          Natural disasters – floods , lightning, torrential rain , storms , hurricanes , hail, landslides of earth layers , weight of snow or ice avalanches

–          Fractures and damage to the windscreen

–          Burglary to additional installed audio- system

–          Other risks covered by the insurance contract (eg. transportation costs , etc.).


IMPORTANT: Risk – Stealing or robbery of the entire vehicle is not covered into the following countries: Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Cherna Gora, Cosovo, Bosna I Hercegovina, Russia or any of the ex.Soviet countries, or part of OND


Vehicle assistance in Bulgaria or Abroad:

Help to insured people in Bulgaria and Abroad is offering as follow:

–          Standart Package: free of charge for vehicles up to 3.5 tones and up to eight years  from the year of production. It includes – repair of the vehicle on place, transportation of the vehicle to a service, paid parking or garage, technical support of buying parts. In case the service needs more than eight hours – the insurance company covers the transport with taxi to the home of the insured person and his family, also pays the hotel in case of need or offers substitutive vehicle.

–          Prestige Package- against extra payment. It includes all risks included in package Standart plus medical expenses and transport of the injured people in the accident, also expenses for solicitor, expenses for stolen keys and personal documents.

Required documents for Vehicle insurances:

–          Copy of the main document of the vehicle which has been given to the owner from the Police.

–          Copy of the invoice in case the vehicle is brand new and purchased from auto shop

When the vehicle is insured it must be technically without any problems ( that means to have a valid ticket for technical review ) .


Of any significant changes in the use and / or condition of the insured vehicle, such as a change of registration number variation in the use of motor vehicles , changing address, changing of the owner or authorization of  a third party to use the insured vehicle  the owner must notify the Insurance company  up to  15-th day after the change has happend.

Do not leave / forget your keys , documents , policy and registration certificate / any of them/ in the insured vehicle ! In case that the owner has lost or has been victim of thefts and one of those or most of them – the registration certificates , keys, remote controls security system or plates , have been stolen the owner must immediately notify the Police , take official notice and within 24 hours to notify the insurance company .

Warning: The insurance shall enter into force only after the insurance premium is paid and the owner provides the vehicle for inspection and photographing .


Vehicle insurance is committed for one year. 


How the insurance premium is set up-

–          The insurance amount of the vehicle determined from the internation system- SCHWAKE or by invoice of new vehicle

–          The risks that insurance will cover

–          The entire condition of the vehicle- outside, inside, and the year of production

The entire insurance premium can be paid at once or on payment plan.


Insurance event:

In case of insurance event the insured person must strictly follow the described steps into the General conditions of the combined insurance policy:

–          The owner must inform the police in order protocol of the accident to be given to him

–          In case of burglary or stealing the car the owner must call the police and the insurance company 24h after understanding of those circumstances.

–          In case of any other events happen the owner is obliged to inform the insurance agency not later than the fifth day of understanding for the circumstances

–          The owner must bring the vehicle to the insurance company so that they must observe the damages

In case of insurance events call on the 24h SOS telephone number: 0700 111 50

To that phone number you can:

–          Inform the insurance company for happened insurance event

–          They will inform for the next important steps

–          24h access to the vehicle assistance


Insurance compensation:

The owner of the vehicle can apply for full compensation or for partial compensation over the insured vehicle. When the owner is applying the damages he must apply the following documents:

–          Original Insurance documents

–          Driving license of the person who has driven the vehicle in the moment of the accident

–          Certificate of the vehicle it has been registered

–          Documents that the insurance company has told the owner to have when he has claim the event to the highlighted phone number. Protocol from the police, fire station, etc.

–          In case of stealing the vehicle the insurance company is asking for all keys and remote controls


Paying of the compensation:

–          For vehicles which are no more than 3 years from the date of first registration to the date of concluding the insurance- the insurance company is paying as follow: if the owner repair the car himself  into the authorized service and gives the invoices to the insurance company, second scenario if the owner gives invoices from another service which the insurance agency has approved, third scenario is if the owner has chosen different service of the car the insurance company must give written agreement, last option is expert evaluation of the damages.

–          For vehicles after 3 years and before 10 years- the insurance company pays if the owner repair the car in authorized service pointed from the insurance company or if the service is chosen by the owner it must be approved by the insurance company. 

–          For vehicles after 10 years – the insurance company is paying the compensation only by expert evaluation of the damages.

IMPORTANT: the insurance is not covering cases when the event has happened when the vehicle has been driven from driver who hasn`t got the right to do that or has been drunk according to Bulgarian law, has been taken drugs or any other anesthetics.