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We at BG Home would like to provide you with the best possible services related to buying or selling a property. Our services are not limited to finding, advising and selling a property, but the services that follow the process afterwards.

  • We will carefully combine the properties that suit you best, check all the documents, arrange a viewing, organise all the necessary information, assist you with notaries, banks, municipalities, management companies, etc.
  • We will assist you in the insurance process by providing you with the best options on the market
  • Together with you we will choose the most modern and necessary furniture, create our own design and help you with delivery


By choosing the BG Home team, you are making the right choice. We will never let you down and will always stand behind you and any situation.

Come to us so you can explore the beauty of our country.

Our goal is

  • To have a huge variety of properties for you
  • The best prices on the market
  • Complete and detailed service to our customers

We work hard to achieve the best possible prices on the market as well as provide the best conditions to our clients. We know that our clients need to invest wisely, so we are here to guide them.

We protect our clients' interests by providing all the services they need in one place. We know that buying a property abroad is not an easy task, so we are here to help and provide reliability.

Whether you want to sell or buy, we will assist you in every step from start to finish. We will negotiate for you, inspect and advertise.

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